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I’m not gonna lie, Thanksgiving is a little sad for me each year. I miss being with my big family, catching up and celebrating together when FSU beats the Gators. Don’t get me wrong, that’s the only time I will ever care about football😉.
But each year, I slave over making a meal that my children literally gag over, just to get a piece of that chocolate cake. That said, as I think about today and what it represents, I know why I get sad and I also know why I get up and slave over a meal for just us 4. It’s because I want my children to have the memories that I had. The cozy, can’t wait to catch up and belly laugh with my cousins and grannie memories. The memories of my mom slaving over divinity and pecan pie for the two people that LOVE it😆.
We may not have the family members around, but WE HAVE EACH OTHER. There is nothing more precious than this today, and you know what... I’ll take it!

What are you thankful for today?